Heart Attack

by American Eric

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released May 9, 2016

American Eric Is:
Rob Hansen: Guitar | Paul Williams: Bass + Vocals
Erin McGuire: Vocals + Guitars | Jake Harris: Drums

Recorded in Nova Scotia at Old Confidence Lodge, Riverport +
Echo Chamber, Halifax by Charles Austin + Diego Medina
Mixed + Mastered by Craig Sperry

Additional Guitars by Jake Harris + Craig Sperry
Photography + Design by Erin McGuire


all rights reserved



American Eric Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Track Name: Heart Attack
You and me will always
Always be together 'cause
You can see right through me
Through the stormy weather and
"Him. Her. Forever"
Well it's tattooed on her back
Cause she is like a heart -
Well she's like a heart attack
Like a heart attack, yeah
Like a heart attack-tack

Fear of failure flies
Outside my window and
I sit paralyzed, stuck in the limo and
"Me. You. Forever"
Well it's tattooed on her back
Cause she is like a heart -
Well she's like a heart attack
Like a heart attack, yeah
Like a heart attack-tack

Defibrillation brings you round
It's masturbation to the sound
Insinuation by the pound
Track Name: Helicopter
I need a lawyer
I need a doctor
I need a priest
With a helicopter

I need lover
I need a girl
I need a woman
Who's strong and who's sure
To take me to heaven
Or closer at least

I need a drug
That'll just let me sleep
Will let me sleep
Track Name: Beens (explicit)
It's been a long time since I walked away from trouble
Some take the long road
They never learn to follow
And look at me now
As I stand in faded glory
And looking backwards
It always seemed to kinda bore me

And the changes come anyway
Holding onto something you can't/don't have
Keep a stiff upper lip my young man
Always hoping for the moment
Always searching for atonement you won't find

You'll come around
Yeah yeah
You'll come around

It's been a long time since I burst the fucking bubble
Some take the high road
They never learn to swallow
And look at me know as I
Change the ending story
And looking at you
It always seemed to kinda bore me
Track Name: Kerosene (explicit)
Hey there baby
Whatcha say?
Come on over
We could play
In the kitchen
In the hall
Doesn't matter
Anywhere you want

It'll be okay
Cause I’ll just run away
It'll be just fine
Cause it's just in my mind

Hey there sugar
You're so sweet
Always love to
Taste your treat
So delicious
So divine
It's too bad that
You're not mine

It's like a shot of kerosene
In a place you've never been
Cause I am old
And you are young
Do what you're told
Well, fucking run
Track Name: Detonate
We don't belong here
It is so clear
We should just walk away

But if you want to fight
You'll get your way tonight
But it's more than poison words we're gonna say

If we go out tonight
I thought we were making life
We dug little graves, little graves

If we go out tonight
We'll set the fuse and walk away
Track Name: Shots of Morphine
If you can feel the pain
Get the nurse to give you another shot of morphine
If you can’t sleep tonight
Maybe it’s just another bad dream

Is it getting better?
Is it getting easier?

When the needle pricks the skin
And the ink knows where you’ve been
And when you’re soaking to the bone
You’re not alone
She’s your heroine

And she hasn’t got a clue
Of what her ink can do
And when she slowly walks away
It’s hard to say heroine
Track Name: Something
I’ve been working on something
Trying to be nothing
Trying to get by
You’ve been working on something
Leading me to nothing
Bleeding me dry

Mr. Distraction’s stunning
He’ll have your dull days humming
He’ll have your girlfriend coming
And going crazy

It’s Miss with two S’s
Spinning in her summer dresses
She’ll keep them all in guesses
Yes, no, and maybe

I was wrong

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